NGO Sofia Works for non formal education to educate drop outs children and motivating them to go back to schools. We understand the need of right of education and work for it to help drop out children. We help drop outs children to catch up their studies back which they missed out for few reasons and getting them admissions again in school.

NGO Sofia apart from motivating children also convinces their parents who are illiterate and however unaware of value of education. They are mainly day labor, farmers, rickshaw pullers etc. They believe daughters can work for home only and sons are for earn extra income to earn survival cost for their family and therefore do not understand the value of their education. Why children being drop out from schools?

There is an equal ration of women and man so the participation of both of the gender is equal. It is fact that No one country can be progressive until or unless the level of education of women i.e. skilled level is not improved. SOFIA has decided to promote skill development training since last one decade and started training to the girls and women in different field but we face the problem to provide the certificate so SOFIA got so many approvals from different departments. We have an authorized study centre of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOLIING, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of INDIA and having AVI NO-990246 with the name of our organization. After completion of the course we provide certificates to the beneficiaries conduct exam by the help of NIOS and provide the certificate (NIOS, MHRD) which is helpful to the beneficiaries to get the employment in private or government sector. We have the authorization from DGE&T, ministry of labor Govt. of INDIA as registered VTP and VTP registration No: 107036296 and imparting skill development training through MES. We have been trying to skilled women and girls and give the placement to them and they can stand on their feet and work for their family and in last one decade thousand of women and girls have been trained and placed in different companies.

• Girls drop out to help their families at home.
• Boys drop out to work for extra income to earn survival cost for family.
• Lack of separate girls toilets in schools is also a big reason to stop girls for attending schools.
• Both girls and boys are also drop outs to help their younger siblings because parents go for work daily to earn daily bread and butter for family.
• Some children’s also drop out because they feel they cannot complete their syllabus and they don’t have much help at home to teach them
• Seeking for drop out children’s and motivates them to go back to school.

As a part of their studies we frequently help them through various activities like drawing learning, music classes and many more. Through these activities they learn lots of skills and gain interest in studies. Our teachers help them through extra classes and motivation they needed.


NGO SOFIA is a non-government organization (NGO) in India working for the welfare of poor and vulnerable children in Delhi, India apart from women, elders and youth. Children of poor families, where both parents go out to work are the most vulnerable. Their food, education and health needs are neglected. We have been working for the welfare of the women and girls since last one decade and providing coaching classes to them and make the able to get the admission in 10th class in National Institute of Open Schooling, MHRD Govt. of INDIA. Students can get the books from the board and can study privately by paying minimum fee to the concern board. We have succeeded to provide the admission to the girls and women in Delhi nearly 3500 students and provide free remedial classes to them to pass out the exam. Once a girls has passed 10th class so she is interested to take the admission in next class and most of the girls and women has passed twelfth and perusing graduation and other professional courses and some of them are in job in good companies because we have placed them in companies.

For contribution to teach a helpless girl so join the hand with us and sponsor a girl child for their better future.

Urdu/ Arabic Learning Centre

NGO Sofia promoting Urdu and Arabic language also provide teaching for them. We understand the value of these languages and also give importance to these languages. Now in the world of globalization we understand India does lots of business with gulf countries and thus Urdu and Arabic languages are most important for our country also. We at NGO Sofia provide training for these languages. We do different programs and activities at our learning centers to aware people about Urdu and Arabic languages. We conduct lots of surveys in different schools to aware students over there also about these languages.

Sofia has the authorized study centre of NCPUL (National council of promotion of Urdu Language) ministry of higher education Govt. of India and imparting training for calligraphy and graphic design in Urdu. Its really a unique programme by ministry of HRD and we are promoting Urdu and Arabic language in Govt. Or Private school and providing free classes to learn it with support of the concerned department. We organized so many exhibition to promote the Urdu Calligraphy in all the part of India.

Description for “Calligraphy Urdu/ English Classes & Professional Service”
# Enable yourself and your kids to learn stylish handwriting.
# Create their own Birthday Invites, Thank You Cards, Greeting Cards,Project Titles, Chart contents etc.
# Improves handwriting, develops infinity for words & fonts,Improves concentration
# It feels special with enhanced skills, give an opportunity to acquire unique talent all at a discounted cost